Quick guide to Chinese names with meaning

Chinese names with meaning

Here you will find the complete list of Chinese boy names with characters, Chinese girl names with meanings, Chinese baby boy names, please use these names according to your baby gender male or females.

Chinese boy names-Chinese girls names with meanings

  • An-Peace
  • Bo-Old Norse-Chinese 
  • Chan-Chinese clan name  
  • Chen-Chinese Great-Chow
  • Chung-wise one
  • Chyou-Chinese autumn 
  • Genji-Chinese gold 
  • Guan-yin Chinese ,goddess of mercy
  • Heng-Chinese
  • Ho--Chinese/Korean -Goodness. 
  • Hsin-Chinese -After an ancient dynasty. 
  • Hue-Chinese -A flower. 
  • Jin-Chinese/Korean -jewel. A boy or girl's name. 
  • Jin-Chinese/Korean -A jewel. A boy or girl's name. 
  • Jun-Chinese -The truth. 
  • Li-Chinese-Strength.  
  • Lian-Chinese-A graceful willow. 
  • Lien-Chinese -A lotus. 
  • Manchu-Chinese -Pure. 
  • Mee-Chinese -Beautiful. 
  • Ming-Chinese -After a dynasty. 
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  • Mingmei-Chinese -smart
  • Shen-Chinese -deep thinker. 
  • Shing-Chinese-victory 
  • Sun-Chinese/Korean -means-Goodness. A boy or girl's name. 
  • Sun-Chinese/Korean -Goodness. A boy or girl's name. 
  • Tao-Chinese-Long life. 
  • Wang-Chinese Kindly. 
  • Wen-Chinese -Cultured
  • Yuan-Chinese -The original. 
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