Hindu Baby boy names starting with f

Here is the list of baby boy names starting with for Hindu baby boy names and all the names collected from the best places to give your child a name.

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Baby boy names starting with f

  • Falguni = Beautiful
  • Forum = Fragarance
  • Fulki = Spark
  • Fullan = Blooming
  • Fulmala = Garland
  • Fulmani = jewel, pear
  • phalgun = name of a Hindu month,
  • phalguna = another name for Arjun
  • phalak = heaven
  • phani = snake
  • phanibhusan = ornamented by serpents,lord Shiva
  • phaninath = lord of serpents

  • phanindra = king of gods
  • phanindranath = lord Vishnu
  • phanishwar = king of serpents
  • phoolendu = full moon
  • phanothama= best of the celestial serpents
  • phanibrahma= the creator of the serpents
  • phaniratna= jewel of the serpents
  • phanilokesh= the lord of serpents world
  • phalabhushan=adorned by benefits
  • phaalachandra= lord Shiva

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