Hindu baby girl names starting with o

Here is the list of hindu baby girl names starting with o for your little baby boy and of course all the baby boy names are unique and awesome baby names from the various sources.

Baby girl names starting with o,baby girl names 2019

Hindu baby girl names starting with o

  • odathi = refreshing
  • oditi = dawn
  • oindrila = another name for the wife of indra
  • oja = vitality
  • ojal = vision
  • ojasvi = bright
  • ojaswini = lustrous
  • oma = life giver
  • omaja = result of spiritual unity
  • omala = earth
  • omana = a woman
  • omisha = goddess of birth &death
  • omkareshwari = goddess parvati, gauri
  • omkari = of the sacred symbol om
  • omvati = sacred, having the power of om
  • onella = light
  • olena
  • oni = shelter
  • orpita = offering
  • oviya = artist, beautiful drawing
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