Boy Names that start with u american with meaning

American baby boy names that start with u:

Here is the list of american American boy names that start with u with meaning,Names that start with u american, american baby boy names.

Boy Names that start with u american,american baby boy names

  • ulysses-Latin for Ulixes
  • uriah-god is light
  • uke -god blessing
  • una-hope
  • uris-
  • uri-flame of god
  • ukiya
  • ulric-ruler of all
  • ulan-twin born
  • umar-populous, flourishing
  • ulani
  • urik
  • udell
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  • udif
  • udolf
  • uziel-god is my strength
  • ursula
  • urbana-peaceful 
  • urban-majestic
  • ursula
  • ulger
  • ullok
  • ulmar-wolf famous
  • unwine
  • unity-Togetherness
  • una
  • urijah-gods servant
  • udolpah
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