65 Islamic boy names from Quran that start with b

Are you looking for Islamic boy names that start with b letter? Having a baby is a joyous time for any parent and here you will find the best list of unique, popular and top Muslim baby boy names with meaning.

Islamic boy names from quran that start with b with meaning

Islamic baby boy names from the Quran 

  • Badia (Unprecedented, Admirable, Unique) 
  • Baadi- (evident ,plain)
  • Baadir- (shining)
  • Baadiyah (Name Of A Sahahiyyah)
  • Baahi (Glorious, Magnificent)
  • Baahir (Dazzling, Brilliant)
  • Baaligh (Major)
  • Baa (Just, Pious)
  • Baare (Brilliant, Superior, Outstan)
  • Baari (Originator, Creator)
  • Baahir (Dazzling, Brilliant)
  • Baasim (Smiling Highly, powerful and influential, very charismatic)

  • Baqar (Inevitable, lion, powerful)
  • Baqir  (Beloved one, Close to heart)
  • Barkat (Growth)
  • Barr (Pious)
  • Barraq (Shining)
  • Basel  (Brave)
  • Basem (Smiling)
  • Bashaar (Bringer of glad tidings)
  • Bashar (Bringer of glad tidings)
  • Basharat  (Good news)
  • Basil (Brave)
  • Basim (Smiling, Happy)
  • Basir  (Bringer of glad tidings)
  • Bassam  (Smiling)
  • Batal  (Champion)

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  • Bazaan (The old emperor of Yaman)
  • Bazam (It was the name of the Tabiee, Abu Salih)
  • Behzad  (Honest and caring)
  • Bilal  (Name of the Prophet's Muezzin)
  • Bishr  (Joy, solved)
  • Bulhut  (A narrator of hadith had this name)
  • Burayd  (Cold, Mind)
  • Burhaan (Proof)
  • Burhan (Proof) 
  • Baariq  (Shining, Lightning, Bright)
  • Baasha  (Don) 
  • Baasim  (Smiling)
  • Baasir (Seeing, Wise)
  • Baasit  (One Who Spreads Or Grants Prosperity)

  • Baaz  (Falcon)
  • Babar (Origin: Hindi Literal, Meaning Lion, King Of Jungle)
  • Babbar (Tiger)
  • Baber  (Courageous, Lion)
  • Babik  (Law, A King Name)
  • Babrak (Little Basilica Flower)
  • Bachir  (Advertiser) 
  • Badar  (Full Moon)
  • Badee  (Wonderful, Marvellous, Unique)
  • Badeeh (Wonderous) 
  • Badi (Marvelous)

  • Badi (Al Zaman The Marvel Of Time)
  • Badialzaman  (The Marvel Of Time)
  • Badiul Alam  (Unique In The World)
  • Badiuz Zaman (Genius Of The Time)
  • Badiuzzamaan (Wonder Of The Age)
  • Badiy  (Novel, Primal)
  • Badr (Full Moon)
  • Badraldin  (Full Moon Of The Faith)
  • Badran (The Most Beautiful)
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