List of 70 biblical baby girl and boy names that start with i

Here you will find the names of 70 Biblical Baby Names that start with the letter i, and here all the names are very beautiful and unique names that you have never heard.

List of 70 biblical baby girl and boy names that start with i

Biblical baby names that start with i

  • Ibhar, (election; he that is chosen)
  • Ibleam, (ancient people; people decreasing)
  • Ibneiah, Ibniah, (the building of the Lord; the understanding of the Lord; son by adoption)
  • Ibri, (passing over; being angry; being with young)
  • Ibzan, (father of a target; father of coldness)
  • Ichabod, (where is the glory? or, no glory)
  • Iconium, (coming)
  • Idalah, (the hand of slander, or of cursing)
  • Idbash, (flowing with honey; the land of destruction)
  • Iddo, (his band; power; praise)
  • Idumea, (red; earthy; bloody)
  • Igal, (redeemed; defiled)
  • Igeal, (a redeemer; redeemed; defiled)

  • Igdaliah, (the greatness of the Lord)
  • Iim, (heaps of Hebrews, or of angry men)
  • Ije-abarim, (heaps of Hebrews, or of passers over)
  • Ijon, (look; eye; fountain)
  • Ikkesh, (forward; wicked)
  • Illyricum, (joy; rejoicing)
  • Imlah, (plentitude; circumcision)
  • Immanuel, (God with us)
  • Immer, (saying; speaking; a lamb)
  • Imnah, (same as Jimnah)
  • Imrah, (a rebel; waxing bitter; changing)
  • Imri, (speaking; exalting; bitter; a lamb)
  • India, (praise; law)
  • Iphedeiah, (the redemption of the Lord)

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  • Ir, (watchman; city; vision)
  • Ira, (watchman; making bare; pouring out)
  • Irad,  (a heap of empire; dragon)
  • Iram, (the effusion of them; a high heap)
  • Iri, (fire; light)
  • Irijah, (the fear of the Lord)
  • Irpeel, (the health, medicine, or exulting of God)
  • Irshemesh, (a city of bondage)
  • Isaac, (laughter)
  • Isaiah, (the salvation of the Lord)
  • Iscah, (he that anoints)
  • Iscariot, (a man of murder; a hireling)
  • Ishbak, (who is empty or exhausted)
  • Ishbi, (conversion; taking captive)

  • Ishbosheth, (a man of shame)
  • Ishi, (salvation)
  • Ishiah, (it is the Lord)
  • Ishma, (named; marveling; desolation)
  • Ishmael, (God that hears) 
  • Ishmaiah, (hearing or obeying the Lord)
  • Ishmerai, (keeper, or keep)
  • Ishod, (a comely man)
  • Ish-pan, (broken in two)
  • Ish-tob, (good man)
  • Ishua, (plainness; equal)
  • Ishmachiah, (cleaving to the Lord)

  • Ispah, (a jasper stone)
  • Israel, (who prevails with God)
  • Issachar, (reward; recompense)
  • Isui, (same as Ishuah)
  • Ithai, (strong; my sign; a plowshare)
  • Italy, (abounding with calves or heifers)
  • Ithamar, (the island of the palm-tree)
  • Ithiel, (sign, or coming of God)
  • Ithmah, (an orphan)

  • Ithran, (remaining; searching out diligently)
  • Ithream, (the excellence of the people)
  • Ittah-kazin, (hour, or time, of a prince)
  • Iturea, (guarded; mountainous)
  • Ivah, (iniquity)
  • Izehar, (Izhar, clearness; oil)
  • Izrahiah, (the Lord ariseth; the clearness of the Lord)
  • Izri, (fasting; tribulation)
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