List of 88 Christian boy names that start with c

Are you looking for best and unique Christian boy names that start with c and American boy names beginning with c for you newborn baby boy, you have come to the right place here you will find the best list of 88 boy names with c.

List of 88 Christian boy names that start with c

Boy names that start with c

  • Cade-Irish spirit of battle
  • Caden-Old English round
  • Caiden-Gaelic, English battle
  • Cale-English bold
  • Caleb-Hebrew a dog, faithful, bold one
  • Calvin-Latin bald
  • Camden-Old English dweller in the winding valley
  • Cameron-Celtic bent nose
  • Camren-Irish crooked nose
  • Camron-Celtic bent nose
  • Carl-English manly, strong; German farmer
  • Carlos-English manly, strong; German farmer
  • Carson-English son of the family on the marsh
  • Carter-Old English cart driver
  • Casey-Celtic valorous; Irish brave
  • Cash-Slavic man at peace
  • Cayden-Gaelic fighter spirit of battle
  • Cedric-Old English chieftain
  • Cesar-Latin long-haired
  • Chad-Celtic battle or warrior; English warlike

  • Chance-Old English secretary to the throne
  • Chandler-Old English candlemaker
  • Charles-English manly, strong; German farmer
  • Charlie-English manly, strong; German farmer
  • Chase-English the hunt, hunter
  • Chris-Greek Christ-bearer
  • Christian-Greek Christ-bearer
  • Christopher-Greek Christ-bearer
  • Clay-English a town built upon clay land
  • Clayton-English a town built upon clay land
  • Cody-English a cushion
  • Cohen-German brave
  • Colby-Old English from the black farm
  • Cole-English cola miner; Latin a man who farms cabbage
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  • Coleman-English cola miner; Latin a man who farms cabbage
  • Colin-Irish child; Celtic a cub, whelp
  • Collin-Irish child; Celtic a cub, whelp; short form of Nicholas: victory
  • Colten-Old English from the dark town
  • Colton-Old English from the dark town
  • Conner-Irish wise aid
  • Connor-Irish wise aid
  • Conor-Irish wise aid
  • Cooper-Old English barrel maker
  • Corbin-Latin the raven
  • Corey-Latin a helmet, from the hollow
  • Cory-Latin a helmet, from the hollow
  • Craig-Celtic from the crag or rugged rocky mass
  • Cristian-Greek Christ-bearer

Some more boys names beginning with c 

  • Cajetan (Lat., rejoice in)
  • Calaude (Lat., lame)
  • Caleb (Heb., bold, dog)
  • Campion (From Edmund Campion)
  • Carl (Var., Charles)
  • Carroll (Irish for Charles)
  • Cecil (Lat., dim sighted)
  • Cadric (Lat., blind)
  • Chad (Celt., defense)
  • Charles (Teut., man)
  • Chester (Lat., camp)
  • Christian (Gr., Christos)
  • Christopher (Gr., Christ-bearer)
  • Chrysostom (Gr., golden mouthed)
  • Clarence (Lat., illustrious)
  • Clark (Fr., priest)
  • Claud (Lat., lame)
  • Claude (Lat., lame)
  • Clement (Lat., merciful)
  • Clifford (hence, the ford at a cliff)

  • Clifton (the town at a cliff)
  • Clint (town)
  • Clinton (town)
  • Clive (the surname)
  • Clyde (Scot., river)
  • Colin (Var., of Colum)
  • Colum (Gael., dove)
  • Conan (Celt., wisdom)
  • Conrad (Teut., bold speech)
  • Constant (Lat., constant, firm)
  • Cornelius (Lat., horn)
  • Cosmas (Gr., order)
  • Cosmo (Gr., order)
  • Craig (western for crag)
  • Cronan (Gael., dark brown)
  • Curtis (Fr., courteous)
  • Cyprian (Greek, of Cyprus)
  • Cyril (Gr., lordly)
  • Cyrus (Gr., Kyros)
  • Cable-(French)
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