List of 52 biblical girl and boy names that start with l

Here you will find the best List of 52  biblical baby girl names, biblical baby boy names from the bible and all the names are very unique and beautiful bible names.

List of 52  biblical girl and boy names that start with l

Bible names that start with l letter

  • Laadah, to assemble together; to testify; passing over
  • Laadan, for pleasure; devouring; judgment
  • Laban, white; shining; gentle; brittle
  • Labana, the moon; whiteness; frankincense
  • Lachish, who walks, or exists, of himself
  • Lael, to God; to the mighty
  • Lahad, praising; to confess
  • Lahairoi, who liveth and seeth me
  • Lahmam, their bread; their war
  • Lahmi, my bread; my war
  • Laish, a lion
  • Lamech, poor; made low
  • Laodicea, just people
  • Lapidoth, enlightened; lamps
  • Lasea, thick; wise
  • Lashah, to call; to anoint
  • Lazarus, assistance of God
  • Leah, weary; tired
  • Lebanon, white, incense
  • Lebaoth, lividness

  • Lebbeus, a man of heart; praising; confessing
  • Lebonah, same as Labana
  • Lehabim, flames; inflamed; swords
  • Lehi, jawbone
  • Lekah, walking; going
  • Lemuel, God with them, or him
  • Leshem, a name; putting; a precious stone
  • Letushim, hammermen; filemen
  • Leummim, countries; without water
  • Levi, associated with him
  • Libnah, white; whiteness
  • Libni, same as Libnah
  • Libya, the heart of the sea; fat
  • Linus, net
  • Lo-ammi, not my people
  • Lod, nativity; generation
  • Lois, better
  • Lo-ruhamah, not having obtained mercy; not pitied
  • Lot, Lotan, wrapt up; hidden; covered; myrrh; rosin 
  • Lubin, heart of a man; heart of the sea
  • Lucas, Lucius, luminous; white
  • Lucifer, bringing light

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  • Lud, Ludim, same as Lod
  • Luhith, made of boards
  • Luke, luminous; white
  • Luz, separation; departure; an almond
  • Lycaonia, she-wolf
  • Lydda, Lydia, a standing pool
  • Lysanias, that drives away sorrow
  • Lysias, dissolving
  • Lysimachus, scattering the battle
  • Lystra, that dissolves or disperses

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