Muslim baby girl names starting with L

Here you will find the list of best Muslim baby girl names that start with the letter L for your baby girl

muslim baby girl names starting with  L

Muslim girl names starting with  L

  • Laaibah -Laaibah is the prettiest woman in all the Jannat (heavens).
  • Laaiqah -Worthy, deserving, capable
  • Labeebah -Intelligent, wise, brilliant
  • Labibah -Understanding, intelligent
  • Laiba -Angel of heaven
  • Laila -Of the Night
  • Laiqa -Intelligent, smile
  • Lama -Darkness of lips
  • Lamees -Pure silk
  • Lamis -Soft
  • Lamisa -Soft to the touch
  • Lamisah -Soft to the touch
  • Lamiya -Dark lipped
  • Lamya -Of dark lips
Read more Muslim girl names:

  • Lana- Wool
  • Lanika -The Best
  • Laraib -Without a doubt
  • Lashirah -Very intelligent
  • Latifa -Beautiful, gentle, kind, pleasant, friendly
  • Layla -Born at night, dark beauty
  • Layyah -Twist, Flexure
  • Leem -Peace
  • Leen -Tender
  • Leena -Plant of dates, soft, mild, clemency
  • Leila- Night
  • Leilah -Night
  • Leyla -Night
  • Liba -Most Beautiful (Hoor in Jannah)
  • Lina -Palm tree
  • Liyana -Softness, tenderness
  • Lu Luah -She was a narrator of Hadith
  • Lu'lu -Pearls
  • Lubabah -The innermost essence
  • Lubena -Purity
  • Lubna -Storaz
  • Lujain -Silver
  • Lujaina -Silver
  • Luma -Sunset
  • Luna -Moon
  • Lutfiyah -Delicate, graceful

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