Stories for kids bedtime in English-Kids stories

When the children sleep at night, they have a lot of fun listening to stories before bed because the children always like to listen to stories from the growing up.

I remember when we were little we also used to listen to fairies and jungle stories from my grandmother and my grandfather. So whose wait, Read the wonderful bedtime stories of the children with us.

Story for kids bedtime in English-Kids stories

The girl and the mushrooms -Stories for kids

It was a beautiful summer morning, perfect for being outdoors. Two sisters had gone out to pick mushrooms and were at home with heavy baskets full of mushrooms. They sang songs along the way and played with each other.

They soon reached a point where they had to cross a railroad track. They did not think twice before crossing it, since there was no train coming and they did not hear any whistle. They walked slowly up the embankment to cross the track, careful not to drop the baskets. They were very close to the track and the little sister was about to cross it when they heard the clear horn of a train.

The older sister got scared and ran back. She thought the young man was following her. She turned and was surprised to see her little sister still crossing the track. "Come back here, come back quickly," she yelled.

It seemed that the girl could not hear her sister. She was still focused on hitting the court with her little feet and holding onto the basket. Then she tripped and fell onto the track, spreading her mushrooms. She sat down and began to pick them up and put them in her basket.

Meanwhile, the older sister became hysterical. She cried and screamed, calling for her little sister to put down the mushrooms and run back, but the little girl couldn't seem to hear her.

The engineer panicked at the sight of the girl and blew the whistle with all his might, but she seemed not to hear the whistle. Her sister was crying loudly now, overwhelmed with panic, as the little sister crawled between the tracks on her hands and knees, to pick up the rest of the mushrooms.

The driver was helpless as he was unable to stop the engine suddenly. He blew the whistle as loudly as he could, but the engine spun the girl. The older sister squeezed her face with her trembling hands and wept bitterly. Passengers also panicked at what they would have to witness. The guard ran to the end of the train to see what was wrong with the girl. When the train passed, everyone saw her lying very still between the tracks, face down.

Then she raised her head, knelt, and began to collect the remaining mushrooms.

The older sister ran to her, tears streaming down her face. They hugged and kissed, crying with happiness, tears of joy running down their little cheeks. Never have two souls been so happily united as at that moment. He promised his little sister that from then on he would hold her hand tightly as he crossed the train track.

Then the two sisters collected all the remaining mushrooms and, holding hands, solemnly walked back home. In fact, they were two souls who had become wiser than their years, in the span of a few minutes.

The day Walk made friend-Kids stories

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful and extremely kind girl named Walk. She was a good girl, but she never liked her name as all the kids around her made fun of her name. She escaped from everyone who made fun of her name and therefore Walks never had any friends. She played alone all the time.

On a typical day, when Walk came home from school, she would finish her homework as soon as possible and ask her mother if she could go outside to play. Her mother said yes, but warned her not to wander and go far from home.

The walk was happy that day; She went to her favorite place near the river that runs right behind her house. The walk was theorized that wherever the river splashed and moved, it meant that the river's water spoke to him. Walk spoke to the river in her slightly strange way.

Today, when talking to the river, he said: "You are so lucky river since you can travel to different places and always be with your friends: ducks, turtles, fish, and plants. I wish I had more friends and didn't want to." I will no longer be alone. "

When she was bored talking to the river, she would pick up rocks from nearby and try to jump them across the river like her father. However, it would fail most of the time.

Then she would say to the river: "I'm improving every day. I'm more of a pitcher than a skipper." After many attempts to jump rocks, he finally finds a perfect rock, almost round, flat, and sticking out at one end where he could hold it and jump it into the water.

He held the stone tightly between his fingers and innocently said to the river: "Oh dear river, if only I could jump this stone and make a wish, I wish I had a dear friend like you, and if the stone jumps all the way to through you as I wished, I would not be as lonely as I am now. " Saying this, Walk drew her arm back as her father had taught her and leaped the rock across the river with all her strength and dedication.

She saw the stone jump once, twice, three times, and she kept wishing she had a friend as she counted. To her amazement, the rock kept jumping for the fourth, fifth, and sixth time, and finally, on the seventh jump, it crossed the river to the bank on the opposite side. The walk was totally taken aback. She had been holding her breath so hard and wishing so desperately that when the stone jumped out of the river and landed on the other side, she couldn't believe her eyes.

Her deep thoughts and pure happiness were disturbed when she heard footsteps approaching her. Walk immediately regained consciousness and started looking around. A girl was falling towards her. Walk panicked and started to run, but lost his balance and fell too. Rolling into the river, the unknown girl and Walk fell into almost the same spot side by side.

The falling girl was crying profusely and incessantly clinging to her knee. Walk pulled himself together and approached the girl to help her. The walk saw that the girl's knee was bleeding. She said the calmest words: "Everything will be fine, I'll help you clean the wound." Walk took some water from the river, washed the blood from the wound, tore a piece of cloth from her skirt, and tied it around the wound on her knee to cover the cut. She politely told the girl: "My house is close by, let me help you, my mother will take care of the wound."

The walk helped the girl walk home. Once they both reached Walk's house, Walk yelled to her mother, "Mother, there is a girl with me and she fell into the river. Her knee is cut and she has blood all over her dress."

Hearing this, Walk's mother ran out of the kitchen with the first aid kit. She made the girl sit on a sofa and began to clean the wound. She cleaned her knee with an antiseptic and applied colored bandage to illuminate the girl's face. Then he asked about the girl asking her where she lived. The girl quickly told Walk and her mother that she had just moved into a house that was probably next door. All the houses looked so alike that he confused which one he lived in. Walk gasped and felt a hint of joy at the thought of her wish.

The girl looked at Walk and asked, "What's your name?" The walk was stunned and scared to say her name because she did not want the girl to make fun of her name as the other children. However, Walk's mother replied, "Her name is Walk and I am glad that I can help her."

Hearing this, the girl laughed and almost fell to the ground. Walk felt the pinch and was about to burst into tears. Walk closed her eyes and said to herself, "Is this the friend I get in exchange for my wish?" At that moment, the girl stopped laughing and voluntarily said, "I'm sorry for my manners, but it's absolutely hilarious since my name is Run."

Walk gave her new friend a surprised look and almost laughed. Just to make sure she asked Run if her name was seriously "Run", and she wasn't trying to make fun of her. Run said reassuringly to Walk: "You helped me and cleaned my wound, why would I lie to you or even make fun of you?"

Hearing these words, Walk felt tremendous happiness and was filled with joy. Her wish for the river had come true and now she had a very good friend named Run.

The walk would never forget that day. It was the day that Walk and Run became the best of friends forever.

The friendship of a lion and a mouse-stories for kids

There lived a little mouse in a large and dense forest that was always looking for food. While searching in the forest, one day, he approached a lion's den. The good smell coming from the lion's den attracted the little mouse inside. The mouse found several pieces of animal meat on the ground. Those were all the leftovers of the animal that the lion had eaten. Therefore, the mouse ate a few pieces.

Later, he decided to eat the other pieces at night, so he stayed in the den. Due to overeating, the mouse fell asleep inside the den. The lion returned to its den at dusk, but could not see the sleeping mouse because it was dark inside the den. The lion ate the whole piece of lamb that he had brought and left the bones on the ground. After a hearty and sumptuous meal, the lion fell asleep and began to snore loudly.

The loud snoring woke the mouse with a sudden jolt. When the mouse saw the lion sleeping in the den, it became frightened and perplexed, and accidentally collided with the lion's paw.

The mouse felt the soft fur of the lion's body. While exploring it, the mouse reached for the lion's ear and this led him to wake him up. The disturbed, agitated lion snorted loudly. "Who?"

The frightened mouse declared its identity in a weak voice. The lion was furious because he was teased while he was sleeping. Then he said, "How dare you disturb my sleep and where are you?"

When the mouse responded, the lion had to light a lamp as it was very dark inside the den and he couldn't see a tiny creature like a mouse.

In the light, the lion looked at his clean den. It was devoid of bones or remains of meat. Furthermore, there was no usual stench in the den due to the remains of meat and other things from the animal. I was quite amazed.

In a corner, the lion looked at the mean little mouse. The mouse was trembling with fear. So the lion reflected for a while on how the mouse had managed to keep the den clean. Therefore, he decided that he would keep the mouse in his lair so that he could have the leftover meat and bones. That amount of food will be more than enough for the mouse and this will also keep its den clean and tidy.

Then the lion in a grumpy and angry voice asked the mouse: "Why have you entered my den?" Petrified, the mouse responded with folded hands and honestly told the lion that he had come to the den looking for food. He couldn't resist the good smell of the meat and was very sorry for his action. Therefore, the mouse apologized and asked the lion to let him go.

The lion told the mouse that it could only stay in the den if it allowed the lion to sleep properly. The mouse was too scared and did not understand what the lion meant. He kept begging the lion to leave him.

Looking at the terrified little mouse, the lion lowered his voice and said in a soft tone, "Oh little mouse don't be scared or scared. Just listen to me carefully. I am going to hunt every day and bring the carcass of some animal as part of my daily meal. I don't eat it completely. You are a tiny little animal and therefore you can easily eat the leftovers and make yourself happy. If you like to eat the leftovers without looking for food, you can stay here and help me keep this place clean. "

This revealed the gentle and humble side of the gigantic lion character.

The mouse was surprised with boundless joy. To this, he said: "Yes, Mr. Leon, I'll stay in the studio."

However, the lion presented a simple condition for the mouse. The lion said he would have to keep the den clean. The mouse can eat leftover meat and bones. If the mouse could not complete the leftovers, it must throw the leftovers from the den. So the task of cleaning the den was given to the mouse in exchange for its stay and food. The mouse was more than happy to accept the offer.

After this short but sweet conversation, the lion asked the mouse to sleep in a corner of the den and he slept in the middle of the den. So while the mouse and lion lay fast asleep in the den, the mouse suddenly began to roll freely across the den floor. Rolling on the ground while sleeping turned out to be a sleep disorder the mouse had and was not aware of this habit. So he kept rolling and at midnight he approached the lion's body. As soon as the mouse got close to the lion's body, it felt the warmth of the lion's fur and this helped it sleep soundly and in a more comfortable way. So while sleeping, the mouse wanted to feel more cozy and comfortable. Then the mouse unknowingly snapped into the crease of the lion's huge paw.

Due to its humble nature, the lion felt good about this and even adjusted its leg so that the mouse could sleep peacefully. When the rays of the early morning sun fell on the lion's eyes, he woke up. The lion saw that the mouse was fast asleep on his leg. After watching the mouse sleep so quietly and peacefully, the lion gently woke up the mouse as it had to get up. As the lion pushed its paw, the mouse woke up. Seeing the lion's nose so closely, the little creature was extremely terrified and tried to jump.

However, the lion helped the mouse down and prevented the mouse from getting hurt. After this kind gesture, the powerful lion asked the mouse not to be scared and told him the reason why the mouse had to wake up; it was because he was sleeping on the lion's leg. After hearing this, the scared mouse began to laugh vigorously. Seeing his friend laugh, the lion laughed too.

This was the beginning of a beautiful bond of friendship between the little mouse and the mighty lion.

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