List of Best Goddess Names for Baby Girl a to z

It's great to give your daughter a goddess name because they have strong, empowering meanings. Goddess mythology has its roots in many different world cultures. 

Be inspired by this list of 80+ goddess names, whether you want to name your daughter after a goddess from your family history or you simply want her name to represent strength and grace.

Goddess Names for Baby Girl a to z

Goddess Names for Your Baby Girl a to z :

  • Aine (Irish) - an early Celtic summer goddess
  • Alectrona -(Greek) is the sun goddess.
  • (Greek) -Alethea is the goddess of truth.
  • Amalthea- (Greek)- a nymph who nursed Zeus as an infant.
  • Andarta -Celtic warrior goddess of victory, 
  • Anaisa -(Puerto Rican, Haitian, and Dominican) - the goddess of love, wealth, and happiness.
  • Anjea -is an Australian fertility goddess.
  • Antheia –(Greek) - garden, flower, swamp, and marsh goddess.
  • Aphea- (Greek) is the goddess of Aegina.
  • Asteria -is the Greek goddess of the stars.
  • Astraea -is the Greek goddess of justice.
  • Atalanta -(Greek) was a warrior Goddess who could outrun the fastest man.
  • Aura -(Greek) - The Titan of the Wind.
  • Aurora -(Roman) - sunrise goddess whose tears became morning dew.

  • Bia- (Greek) - the goddess of raw energy and force.
  • Brigid -is the Irish goddess of fire.
  • Calliope- (Greek) - epic poetry muse.
  • Calypso- (Greek) - a sea nymph who held Odysseus captive on the island of Ogygia.
  • Chandra -(Hindi) is the moon goddess.
  • Clemencia- (Roman) - goddess of mercy and forgiveness.
  • Clio -(Greek) is a historical muse.
  • Concordia- (Latin) - peace goddess.
  • Cora Greek) - Persephone's epithet, the goddess of fertility and the underworld.
  • Coventina- (Celtic) is the goddess of sacred water.
  • (Greek) -Cybele is the goddess of caves, mountains, nature, and wild animals.
  • Cynthia -(Greek) - Artemis or Diana's epithet.
  • Dalia -(Lithuanian) - fate goddess.
  • Demetria -(Greek) is a prehistoric earth goddess.
  • Devi -(Hindu) translates to "goddess" in Sanskrit.
  • Diana -(Roman) is the goddess of hunting and wild animals.
  • Doris -(Greek) - a sea nymph whose name represented the sea's bounty.
  • Eachna -(Irish) - a goddess known for her beauty, intelligence, and style.
  • Eileithya -is the Greek goddess of childbirth.
  • Electra -is one of the seven Pleiades.
  • Euterpe -(Greek) is a music and lyric poetry muse.
  • Fauna -(Roman) - earth goddess.
  • Flora -(Roman) - flower goddess.
  • Freya-(Nordic) is the goddess of love, beauty, fertility, war, wealth, divination, and magic.
  • Gaia (Greek) -Earth goddess and prophecy. She is the primordial mother and the embodiment of Mother Earth. She was the mother of the Titans.

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  • Harmona -(Greek) - goddess of peace and harmony.
  • Hera (Greek) -Olympian Queen and Goddess of Marriage and Birth.
  • Hemera -(Greek) is the goddess of the day and light.
  • Hestia -(Greek) - hearth and home goddess.
  • Holle -(Germanic) - sky and weather goddess.
  • Idony -(Nordic) is the goddess of spring and eternal youth.
  • Inanna-Sumerian goddess of love, war, and fertility.
  • Iris -(Greek) - rainbow goddess and messenger to the gods.
  • Irene- is the Greek goddess of peace.
  • Isis-Egyptian goddess of life and magic, .
  •  Jaya -(Buddhist)  means "victory," and is the name of a Buddhist goddess.
  • Kali -(Hindu) is the Hindu goddess of death and rebirth.
  • Kianda -(Angola) - mermaid goddess of the sea and fishermen.

  • Lakshmi (Hindu) is the goddess of wealth, beauty, and prosperity.
  • Levana -(Roman) is the moon goddess.
  • Lissa.-African mother goddess 
  • Luna -(Roman) is the moon goddess.
  • Maia -(Greek) is the goddess of the fields.
  • Marina -(Slavic) is the moon goddess.
  • Minerva -(Roman) is the goddess of knowledge, medicine, and crafts.
  • Nixie-(Roman) - a goddess of childbirth.
  • Ostara -(Germanic) - Spring goddess.
  • Parvati -(Hindu) is the Hindu goddess of love and devotion.
  • Phoebe -(Greek) - Phoebe is associated with the Delphic oracle.
  • Polyhymnia -(Greei) is the Greek goddess of sacred poetry, sacred hymns, dance, and eloquence, as well as agriculture, geometry, and pantomime.

  • Pomona -is the Roman goddess of fruit trees and gardens.
  • Rhea -(Greek) - the ancient Titan Earth Goddess, responsible for soil fertility and female fertility.
  • Rhiannon -(Celtic) - fertility goddess associated with the moon, night, and death.
  • Saranya -(Hindu) - dawn and cloud goddess.
  • Selene -(Greek) - Titan moon personification.
  • (Greek) -Thalia is the goddess of comedy and pastoral poetry.
  • Theia- (Greek) is the goddess of vision.
  • Venus- is the Roman goddess of love and beauty.
  • Vesta -(Roman) - the keeper of the sacred flame.
  • Zaria -(Slavic) is a battle goddess.
  • (Slavic) -Ziva is a fertility goddess.

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