Indian royal names for baby boy a to z letter

Indian royal names often have significant meanings associated with them, often reflecting their cultural and religious heritage. Here are some examples of Indian royal names and their meanings:

Here are some Indian royal names for baby boys alphabetically from A to Z:

Indian royal names for baby boy a to z

Indian royal names for baby boy a to z letter


Ajay - Unconquerable

Akbar - Great

Anirudh - Boundless

Ashoka - Without sorrow

Ashutosh - One who is easily pleased


Bhanu - Sun

Bhupinder - King of kings

Birbal - Brave heart

Birendra - King of warriors


Chandra - Moon

Chakravarti - One who rules the empire

Chandragupta - Founder of the Maurya Empire

Chhatrapati - Lord of an umbrella


Dara - Wealthy

Devendra - King of Gods

Dilip - Protector

Drupad - Father of Draupadi


Ekram - Honour

Elango - Prince

Eshwar - God

Ekanath - One lord


Feroz - Victorious

Fazl - Kindness

Faizal - Judge

Faisal - Decisive


Gajendra - King of elephants

Gaurav - Pride

Gokul - A village where Lord Krishna grew up

Gopinath - Lord of the cowherds


Hari - Lord Vishnu

Harshavardhana - King of joy

Hemant - Winter

Himanshu - Moon


Indra - King of the Gods

Ishwar - God

Ishaan - Lord Shiva

Inderjit - Conqueror of Indra


Jagannath - Lord of the world

Jai - Victory

Jaidev - God of victory

Jaswant - Victorious


Karna - Ear

Keshav - Another name of Lord Krishna

Krishnadevaraya - Vijayanagara emperor

Kshatriya - A warrior caste in Hindu society


Lakshmana - Brother of Lord Rama

Lalit - Handsome

Lokesh - Lord of the world

Lohit - Red


Maharaja - Great king

Mahendra - Lord Indra

Manavendra - King of men

Manik - Ruby


Narayan - Lord Vishnu

Narsimha - Half-man, half-lion incarnation of Lord Vishnu

Naveen - New

Nripendra - King of men


Omkar - The sound of the universe

Omprakash - Light of the universe

Ompal - Protector of the universe

Omkar - The sound of the universe


Pratap - Valour

Prithviraj - King of the earth

Puru - King of the Puru tribe

Pushpinder - Lord of flowers


Raja - King

Rajendra - Lord of kings

Rana - Warrior

Ranjit - Victorious in battle


Samrat - Emperor

Sankarshan - Lord Krishna

Shivaji - Founder of the Maratha Empire

Sudhanshu - Moon

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