Arabic boy names starting with c

List of Arabic boy names starting with c for your newborn baby boy and we hope you like our names and find a good name for your baby boy.

Arabic boy names starting with c

Name      ---     Meaning

  • Cale
  • Carmen- Love With Spain Carmen
  • Cassem
  • Cemal
  • Chafik- Sympathizing
  • Chahid- witness
  • Chaker- Thanking
  • Chams- The sun
  • Chan- Shinning
  • Chanan- God WasCompassionate, Chanandin
  • Chand- Moon
  • Chanda- of the moon
  • Changeez- Chengiz Khan
  • Changez
  • Charagh-Lamp, light 
  • Chargul- Jewellery For The Nose
  • Chawki- pleasant
  • Cheekoo
  • Cheherazad
  • Chessy- peaceful
  • Chinar- a tree 
  • Chishti- Famous Saint Whose Dargah Is At Ajmer
  • Chokri- blessed
  • Codei
  • Coman

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