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Hindu baby name list A to Z (Boy-Girl)

Muslim baby girl names starting with k

Looking for the Muslim baby girl names starting with k letter for your little baby girl we have a list of the best Muslim girl names for your baby.

Muslim baby girl names starting with k

Muslim girl names that starting with k

  • Kabirah -Elder, Big
  • Kadshah -She was a companion
  • Kaheesha -This was the name of a poetess, daughter of al-Waqa
  • Kainat -Universe
  • Kaleemah -Speaker
  • Kali -Bud (of flower)
  • Kalima- Witness
  • Kalsoom -Name of prophet Muhammad's (pbuh) daughter
  • Kaltham -Name of al-Qarshiyah who transmitted Hadith from Sayyidah Ayshah
  • Kamaliyah- Perfection
  • Kamilah -Perfect, complete
  • Kaneez -Slave
  • Kanval -Flower
  • Kanwal -Water Lily
  • Kanz -Treasure
  • Kanza -Hidden Treasure
  • Kanzah -Treasure
  • Karam- Noble nature
  • Kardawiyah -A pious woman, daughter of Amr al-Basriyah was so named
  • Karima -Precious, perfect
  • Karimah -Generous, noble
  • Kas -Glass
  • Kashifah -Revealer of Secrets
  • Kashish -Attraction
  • Kathirah -Plenty
  • Kaukab -Star
  • Kausar -River in janna (paradise)
  • Kayan -Morning light of the sun
  • Kaysah -She was a narrator of Hadith
  • Kehara -Precious
  • Kehkashan-Galaxy
  • Khadeeja -Prophet's first wife
  • Khadija -First wife of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH)
  • Khadijah -First wife of the Prophet (S.A.W)
  • Khadra -Green, Green of the Jennah
  • Khairah -Best, good, virtuous
  • Khalidah -Abiding, Forever
  • Khalilah -Good friend
  • Khalisah -Pure, clear
  • Khansa -Old Arabic name
  • Kharqa -Strong, wind
  • Khatera -Memory
  • Khatira -Precious memory
  • Khatoon -Lady
  • Khawlah -One who has beautiful features
  • Khayrah -Good 
  • Khayriyah-Charitable, good
  • Khayriyyah- Charitable
  • Khazanah -Treasure
  • Khidrah -Green
  • Khudrah -Greenery
  • Khulaybah- This was the name of an Arab poetess

More Muslim Baby Girl Names:

  • Khulud -Immorality
  • Khusbakht -Lucky
  • Khuwaylah -Gazelle
  • Khuzamah -Lavender
  • Kiswar -Territory
  • Koila -Charcoal
  • Komal -Beautiful
  • Komila -Complete
  • Kuaybah 
  • Kuhaylah -Name of a pious woman who was a good speaker
  • Kunza -Hidden treasure
  • Kurat-ul-Ain- Coolness of eyes
  • Kuwaysah -Pretty
  • Kwairah -The prettiest
  • Kyda -Preserved, Strong


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